TikTok Influencer Sofie Dossi Spills the Tea About the Breakup That Turned into Her Debut Single 'Bunny' (2024)

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"Just writing about it became like my own therapy. It was therapeutic for me," Sofie tells PEOPLE about the heartbreak that inspired "Bunny"


Tricia Despres

TikTok Influencer Sofie Dossi Spills the Tea About the Breakup That Turned into Her Debut Single 'Bunny' (1)

Tricia Despres

Tricia Despres is a writer for PEOPLE digital, covering everything from country music to pets to that love story that will have you shedding some tears. When she is not at her laptop, she remains in a state of mourning over the demise of Rascal Flatts.

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Published on August 29, 2022 05:20PM EDT

Sofie Dossi never considered him her boyfriend. In fact, the TikTok influencer and YouTube star still can't quite put a specific title on the guy who ultimately inspired her brand-new single "Bunny."

But whoever he was, he definitely broke her heart.

"I'm pretty sure he knows the song is about him," Dossi, 21, tells PEOPLE in a recent interview. "I was at one of his friend's houses and he happened to show up when I was playing my new song for everyone. His face went a little white when he first heard it. He avoided me the rest of the night."

Dossi shrugs her shoulders and flashes the grin the world first fell in love with when she appeared as a contortionist on season 11 of America's Got Talent. After watching her career skyrocket in the years since thanks to millions of devoted online followers, Dossi now is in the process of adding music to her already impressive repertoire.

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"Music has always been my passion," she says. "Both my brother (music producer Zak Dossi) and I have played piano since we were super young. I would play piano every single day."

TikTok Influencer Sofie Dossi Spills the Tea About the Breakup That Turned into Her Debut Single 'Bunny' (2)

Homeschooled since she was young, Dossi was mostly raised on classical music until her teenage years, when she turned on The Voice and happened on a singer by the name of Melanie Martinez.

"She's actually very popular now," Dossi explains of the young singer/songwriter. "She was the first artist that I started listening to that wasn't classical music. I just fell in love with her voice and slowly started getting into more pop music and just really fell in love with it."

And it's this love that has now enveloped the heart and soul of the California native, leading her to release her rambunctious debut single "Bunny."

"'Bunny' is obviously referencing a guy, not an actual bunny," Dossi says with an innocent laugh. "It's basically about a heartbreak I went through that really hurt me. The song basically explains all the emotions I went through. Part of me was like, I love this person, but he hurt me so bad that I didn't want to actually kill him, but I wanted to kill him in my mind. I didn't want him to exist in my mind anymore."

These sorts of strong thoughts and feelings started oozing out of Dossi a few years back, at the very same time her brother started experimenting more and more with producing music.

"We started making a bunch of different songs and both fell in love with music, and it's been a part of my life for a while," she says. "People just don't know that because to me it was a hobby. If I'm not like doing my contortion stuff and YouTube, I'm making music."

And while Dossi's new single "Bunny" shows off the pop music side, it also demonstrates the deep depths she is coming from not only as an artist, but as a songwriter.

"I was just thinking of a creative way to write about how this guy broke my heart, but I wanted it to come off very creative and unique," she says.

As unique as the 'Bunny' song is, so too is the music video, which has Dossi getting cozy with a very long and gnarly-looking snake.

"Yeah, it was real," she intercepts. "It was my brother's idea."

Indeed, Zak Dossi remains a pivotal part of Dossi's story both on and off the screen. Having produced the entire music video while also directing and serving as a songwriter on 'Bunny,' he is also Dossi's very best friend.

"We tell each other everything," she says. "It makes it so much easier to write music because you don't have to explain to someone the whole story. He knows because he saw what I went through. I was really sad at one point, and music is what helped me through. Just writing about it became like my own therapy. It was therapeutic for me."

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In fact, Dossi says she hopes to bring those therapeutic tendencies to the stage with a live show that she hopes can combine her love of music with her continued love for contortionism.

"I feel like that's something someone really hasn't seen together," she explains. "I've been practicing because you know, it is a lot harder to bend in half and sing. I'm working on getting it a little better because when you're in contortion poses and things like that, you have less air and lung space." She laughs. "Because you're bent in half!"

She smiles when asked if perhaps she has found a new love.

"I am happy," Dossi demurs. "I have great people around me. I just like to keep my relationship statuses and all that stuff offline. But yeah, I'm very happy."

TikTok Influencer Sofie Dossi Spills the Tea About the Breakup That Turned into Her Debut Single 'Bunny' (2024)


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