NieR Replicant: What's the Max Level (2024)

NieR Replicantuses the classic level up system that players have come to know and love from RPGs, but where there's character levels, there are level caps. Naturally, many players like to strive to hit these level caps, mostly just as a personal achievement. By the time players beat the game for the first time, they'll probably be around level 50, but players that have reached level 51 will know that this isn't the cap they are after. Instead, just likeNieR Automata,a lot of farming will take players even higher, assuming they have hours to pour into reaching this goal.

NieR Replicant's story is actually rather short, so in order to get to the level cap players will need to delay finishing the game. Completing all side quests, collecting all weapons, and getting to the final areas of the game is a great place to start, but even this won't do the trick. Ultimately, players will have to spend hours grinding out experience on the toughest enemies they can find.

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Do this for long enough and eventually players will level their characters all the way up to level 99. This is a common level cap in many RPGs, although some go as high as level 999 or even higher. While this would certainly be an impressive achievement, it isn't necessary by any means. Players will have 600,000 HP by the time they reach level 99, and not even the final boss of the game will be able to hurt them.

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The same will probably hold true for damage as well. By this point players will already have all of the best weapons in the game, so they will easily be able to mow down anything that stands in their way. It's really more of a personal accomplishment than anything, as it takes quite a bit of time to level up. Once players get to level 50 or 60, the pace will definitely start to slow down, so it takes a great deal of patience to go all the way up to level 99. What's more, although NieR Replicanthas some questionable trophies,there isn't even a trophy for reaching max level, so players will need to find the motivation within themselves.

To make leveling up faster, be sure to be farming high level content like the 15 Nightmares dungeon. What's more, equip words that boost experience gain. These usually start with "O" but the best one to get isOtzarken. This word gives a 30% boost to experience gained, and will be invaluable when trying to reach max level.

NieR Replicantis available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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NieR Replicant: What's the Max Level (2024)


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