Foreign Currency Exchange | GWK Travelex (2024)

Choose from over 50 popular foreign currencies and convert your money online. Take advantage of our best rates and 0% commission.

Foreign currency exchange

Exchange your euros for foreign currency orbuy currencies with your euros with the world’s leading experts

Planning a dream trip to a destination that doesn’t use euros? It’s always good to travel with local currency, especially for the first few days of your trip.

Before you set off, be sure pay us a visit and we’ll exchange your money and make sure you have the right currency to take with you.

It’s quick and easy to exchange your foreign currency with GWK Travelex. And don’t worry if you have foreign currency left over after your trip as we can also convert it back to euros for you. Afterall, nothing’s worse than having money you can’t spend.

Where can I exchange foreign currency in the Netherlands?

You can exchange foreign currency at any of our GWK Travelex branches. We always keep a good stock of euros, British pounds and American dollars. If you want to exchange other currencies then it’s best to call a GWK Travelex office in advance and we’ll make sure your desired quantity of foreign currency is ready for you when you come to collect it.

You’ll find us at major railway stations and airports throughout the Netherlands.

Order your currency online and get discounted foreign money exchange

The easiest way to convert and buy foreign currency (not euro) is through the GWK Travelex website. By ordering your foreign currency exchange online you’ll benefit from the most competitive GWK Travelex exchange rates and receive an attractive discount. In addition, when you order online foreign money with us you can also take advantage of our best rates and 0% commission.

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Europe North and South America Asia and Middle East Australia and Pacific Africa

  • Order Bulgarian lev
  • Order Danish krone
  • Order British pounds
  • Order Hungarian forints
  • Order Icelandic krone
  • Order Croatian kuna
  • Order Norwegian krone
  • Order Polish zloty
  • Order Romanian leu
  • Order Czech krone
  • Order Turkish lira
  • Order Swedish krone
  • Order Swiss francs
  • Order Brazilian real
  • Order Canadian dollars
  • Order Chilean peso
  • Order Costa Rica colon
  • Order Dominican peso
  • Order Jamaican dollars
  • Order Mexican peso
  • Order US dollars
  • Order Japanese yen
  • Order Chinese yuan
  • Order Indian rupee
  • Order Hong Kong dollar
  • Order Indonesian rupiah
  • Order Israeli shekel
  • Order Jordan dinar
  • Order South Korea won
  • Order Kuwaiti dinar
  • Order Malaysian ringgit
  • Order Omani rial
  • Order Qatari riyal
  • Order Saudi Arabian riyal
  • Order Singapore dollar
  • Order Taiwan dollar
  • Order Thai baht
  • Order Arab Emirates dirham
  • Order Sri Lankan rupee
  • Order Vietnamese dong
  • Order Russian rubel
  • Order Australian dollars
  • Order New Zealand dollars
  • Order Fijian dollar
  • Order Philippines peso
  • Order South-African rands
  • Order Maroccan dirham
  • Order Kenyan shilling
  • Order Mauritius rupee

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How to order foreign money online with GWK Travelex

Ordering foreign currency online with GWK Travelex is quick and easy. Follow these 6 simple steps to take advantage of our best exchange rates and 0% commission:

Step 1: Select the currency you want and indicate how much you would like to buy.
Step 2: Choose a GWK Travelex branch in your local area.
Step 3: Select a date that you would like to pick up your foreign money.
Step 4: Enter your personal information and verify the data.
Step 5: Place your order and you will receive an order confirmation email.
Step 6: Visit your local GWK Travelex branch with a valid ID and order number to pick up your money.

Need to exchange foreign money in a hurry? Order currency through our Emergency Service

If you’re jetting off on a last-minute holiday we can fast-track your foreign money exchange. Simply order your foreign currency online via the GWK Travelex Emergency Service and we’ll have your travel money ready within 30 minutes and waiting for you to collect at our office in Schiphol Plaza.

Our emergency foreign exchange service offers the same benefits as ordering currency online and is available at no extra charge.

Need Euros?

Visit one of our 50 branches across The Netherlands to exchange your currency into euros.

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Currency converter

Use our currency converter tool to check our daily exchange rates andrate history, so that you can see if it’s a good time to buy.


VAT Refunds

GWK Travelex is an agent of Premier Tax Free and Easy Tax Free. You can claim your VAT back at our store in Schiphol Plaza, at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

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Discontinued our cash deposit service

Foreign Currency Exchange | GWK Travelex (6)

As of November 1, 2023, we have discontinued the service allowing private account holders of SNS Bank or ASN Bank to deposit cash into their accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sell your leftover foreign currency

Flying home to the Netherlands with unspent currency? Don’t forget to visit a GWK Travelex branch once you land at the airport and we’ll exchange it back to any preferred currency for you.

The fee for exchanging foreign currency is 0,75% of the total, with a minimum of € 3,95 and a maximum of € 7,50 (unless otherwise indicated at the branch).

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Foreign Currency Exchange | GWK Travelex (2024)


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