Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (2024)

Eurovision 2020 was cancelled

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was cancelled on 18 March 2020 because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The slogan for Eurovision 2020 was Open Up and the logo and theme artwork had also been designed.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (1)

The contest had planned for 3 hosts at Eurovision Song Contest 2020: Chantal Janzen and Jan Smit should have been the main hosts, while Edsilia Rombley should host the Green Room.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (2)
Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (3)

Date: When was Eurovision 2020 scheduled?

The Eurovision week should have had three shows: Semi-final 1 on Tuesday, Semi-final 2 on Thursday and the Grand Final on Saturday:

  • Semi-final 1: 12 May 2020
  • Semi-final 2: 14 May 2020
  • Grand Final: 16 May 2020

Host City: Rotterdam

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 should have been held in Rotterdam. It was revealed on 30 August 2019 by the three Dutch broadcasters NPO, AVROTROS and NOS, who organised Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

In the first half of June, all the Dutch cities that were interested in hosting Eurovision 2019 received the criteria that are needed for hosting Eurovision 2020. Initially nine cities had interest in hosting the contest, and had four weeks to compile their "bid books".

Five of the nine cities submitted their "bid books" to the broadcasters in the beginning of July 2019:

  • Arnhem
  • Den Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch)
  • Maastricht
  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht

In mid-July the selection committee narrowed the race down to just two cities: Maastricht and Rotterdam, who had the strongest bids. The selection committee then visited the two cities, and decided that Rotterdam was best suited for hosting Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

Arena: Rotterdam Ahoy

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (4)

Rotterdam Ahoy consists of three halls with the largest being with a capacity of 15,000, which meets all the conditions set by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Two smaller halls in the complex have a capacity of 6,000 and 4,000, Perfect for delegations and press centre.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (5)

Director of Rotterdam Ahoy, Jolanda Jansen, said:

– In our almost fifty years of existence, Rotterdam Ahoy hosted many wonderful, international events. We are convinced that Ahoy and the Eurovision Song Contest are a perfect fit.

Rotterdam Ahoy hosted Junior Eurovision 2007.

The stage should have been designed by Florian Wieder – who also designed the stage for Eurovision 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The stage was described as "Flat, minimalist and modern".

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (6)
Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (7)

Rotterdam Ahoy Complex

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (8)

Rotterdam's Bid Book, proposed that the various halls in the complex should be allocated as follows:

  1. Delegations (Changing rooms, cafeteria, make up, hair dressers, cloak room, EBU offices, technical area, viewing rooms)
  2. Press centre
  3. Conference Room
  4. Press + Fan lounge


41 countries should have participated in Eurovision 2020:



























North Macedonia






San Marino







United Kingdom

EBU Member Broadcasters, on behalf of their countries, had until mid-September 2019 to formally submit their applications to take part in Eurovision 2020.

Semi-final allocation

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (9)

The Netherlands and the Big-5 countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom) were pre-qualified for the Grand Final. The rest of the countries were allocated to one of the two Semi-finals. The allocation draw took place on 28 January 2020.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (10)

10 countries from each of the two Semi-finals should proceed to the Grand Final, that would feature a total of 26 countries: 10 from Semi-final 1, 10 from Semi-final 2, Big-5 and Netherlands.


The first tickets for Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam went on sale on 12 December 2019, and the second wave on 30 January 2020. The last tickets for Eurovision 2020 should have gone on sale 26 March 2020, but was cancelled. Read more: How to get tickets for Eurovision 2020

Eurovision Village: Binnenrotte

Location: Binnenrotte, Rotterdam, Google Maps
When: 9 May to 16 May
Price: Free entry
Metro station: Blaak (line A, B and C)

Eurovision Village should have been the official festival area during Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

In Eurovision Village guests should have seen live performances by artists, DJs, special events and public viewing of the shows broadcast from the Arena.

The Eurovision Village should have been located in Rotterdam's Binnenrotte near the Blaak Markt. Binnenrotteplein is a central square surrounded by the horseshoe shaped Markthal, Rotterdam Library, and the Blacktooren.

Golden Carpet: Rotterdam Cruise Terminal

Location: Rotterdam Cruise Terminal, Wilhelmina Pier
When: 10 May

The Red Carpet (or actually Golden Carpet) was planned to take place at the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal on Sunday 10 May 2020. The Cruise Terminal is placed on the Wilhelmina Pier.

The carpet itself would be made mainly of recyclable materials, and the event would be streamed live on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

At the Red Carpet all the contestants should have been presented for the press, fans and guests with lots of beautiful dresses, festivitas and selfies.

After the Red Carpet, the Opening Ceremony of Eurovision 2020 was scheduled to take place.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (11)

EuroClub: Maassilo

Location: Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2, Rotterdam, Google Maps
When: 8 May to 16 May
Metro station: Maashaven (line D and E)

The EuroClub is the venue for some special parties, the official after parties and performances by participants.

EuroClub in Rotterdam should have been located at the venue Maassilo located in the extension of the Erasmus Bridge, close to metro, tram, bus and water taxi. Maassilo is a former grain silo in Rotterdam Maashaven and has been an event venue since 2004. The complex consists of 15 halls, where the largest one is 1,100 m2 with a capacity of 2,000 guests.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (12)


EuroCafe (also known as Euro Fan Café) would be the place for fans to meet for parties and special events during the Eurovision week, organised by the OGAE fan clubs.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (2024)


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